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Customers who wish to return their merchandise because they are simply not satisfied with the item(s) may do so within 5 days from the date of receiving the purchase. The merchandise must be in it's original packaging and the item must be currently carried on our website. Discontinued, close outs, damaged, or partial returns will not be accepted.

* Please Note: Returns will not be accepted without prior contact or authorization from your salesperson. Contact 323-859-9000 or via email to your sales-rep.

Shortages & Other Related Issues

Claims for shortages require a copy of the delivery receipt (DR) from the trucking company, which must be signed by the driver. You must also provide International Distributors customer service representative with a list of items and/or quantities you claim to be short along with a photo. Please contact your sales representative for further assistance.

In the unfortunate case of a shipping shortage, International Distributors can offer a refund for the purchase cost of the missing merchandise, or credit towards future purchase from International Distributors.

Expiration Dates

Please note we do not guarantee expiration date periods. If you do not wish to receive items expiring before certain dates you must inform a customer care specialist prior to pulling your order. We will not accept any returns due to expiration dates if special instructions were not given prior to pulling.

Lost, Damaged and/or Defective Merchandise

The customer is responsible for inspecting and counting the merchandise at the time of delivery. Any physical damages or discrepancies such as crushed, opened, loose, or missing cartons must be noted on the drivers receipt at time of delivery.

Reporting Claims

Claims for lost, damaged or defective merchandise must be reported to your International Distributors salesperson within 2 days of the receipt of the merchandise. We must also receive an E-MAIL containing the list of the damaged, defective or missing item numbers, their corresponding quantities and a brief explanation. International Distributors may refer your claim to the freight company after reviewing it.